i always see advice to artists from abled guys thats like “draw every day even on the days where you feel totally uninspired and like you cant even pick up a pencil” and i actually think that advice sucks and is terrible because some of us will spiral out of control into horrible depressive episodes if we force ourselves to draw on days where we feel terrible and end up with something less than spectacular so my advice to artists is “take breaks and love yourselves”

That’s why I don’t draw everyday . I draw when I feel the inspiration in me. I draw to my hearts content. And I know I may not improve as fast as I want, I’m ok with that. I like the pace I am making. It’s nice and calming.


Ever have that moment when your wearing ear buds and one of them just doesn’t want to stay in your ear. I COMMAND YOU TO STAY.

I used to be a big fan of the sonic series and my favorite character was shadow. My first attempt out of memory and my second after the help of Google images hue hue

Did this to stay awake in class. Maybe ink tomorrow ; O;

Just one of those days when the male anatomy is just too hard….

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